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My name is Jeanette Peterson. I am a powerhouse, United States Air Force Veteran, that has been successfully mentoring, empowering, and inspiring women. I help them turn their businesses into their ministries.

After leaving the military, I had a lot of learning to do. I learned about myself, my gifts, and what I was made to do. I knew my next job had to be for God. I knew I had to have the creator of the Universe as my CEO. I prayed and partnered with God.

As a mentor and speaker, I know that your divine purpose is unique and only for you. When you walk in purpose you will no longer feel shame or pain, but joy, peace, and love.

My hope is when you leave this talk, you'll discover your spiritual gifts, put God as the CEO of your life and business, and walk closer to him every day. 

It's time to live unapologetically unstoppable!

Jeanette Peterson

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