Create a Kingdom life of blessing and abundance when you commit your business to the King of the universe. 


Quit worrying if your business is God's plan. You'll know by the blessing and abundance that follows. 

I'm ready to KNOW

Fact: A successful Kingdom Business isn't about STRATEGY; it's about obedience.

And I know you're driven, anointed, and ready to walk where He calls.

Now more than ever, having Kingdom Women following God's direction is the most important asset you can have in your business. 


But, like I once was, you're having trouble hearing from Him or maintaining a consistent relationship with Him.

If that's you, Surrender is the next step on the path to walk His direction.

Are you ready to grow deeper with God and receive the life of abundance He's promised? 

Yes, Jeanette! I'm ready NOW!

What's Inside


9 Spirit-Filled Modules 

showing you everything you need to do to turn your doubt into the divine direction without guessing.


A Clear Roadmap for God's Divine plan

to continue to grow your life and business long after you complete the program. 


Access a Supernatural Tool Kit

complete with prayers, what to be on guard for, and how to recognize His signs.

I'm IN!

By the end of the program, You will have:

Made the commitment

to have God direct your life and business (so you can stop all the guesswork).

Awareness of your true desires

and know if your desires are God's plan or a distraction from your greatest self.

Know when God is directing you

and how to look out for His signs and direction for our way forward.

Deeply understand

the Parable of Talents. Never again think your risks for God aren't going to be steeped in His blessing.

Learn and Implement 

boundaries in all areas of your life and no longer feel bad about saying no or being unavailable to family and friends.

Given it all to HIM

and let Him direct your steps. Your problems are no longer yours, but His. 

Discovered the real you

and have no doubt about who you are and what your mission is.

Have the tools 

to take on whatever the devil and his minions are trying to come after you with. 

Be fully surrounded and supported

by the love of God and the abundance of what He has for you.


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